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April 8th, 2012 by ayah

Force Check File on Linux

Similar like in Microsoft Windows platform, you should check / scandisk of your hardrive once a month at least.
Just to make sure, your system is OK with current condition. Unfortunately, fsck command (force check) let you do this while you still mount the volume which is bad if you still do this.

To make sure your system doing fsck correctly, just type this

shutdown -rF now

Then it will shutdown your system then check your scandisk safely....

April 2nd, 2012 by ayah

Performance of Western Digital Green w/ OpenIndiana

I can't believe the performance of western digital green when I'm trying to copy my 56GB data using OpenIndiana
The performance so s***s...too many 0 in the IOPS
and am thinking, would it be better if I install new ZIL in this machine?

capacity operations bandwidth
pool alloc free read write read write
---------- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
Pool3 949G 3.14T 0 1 769 38.2K
Pool3 949G 3.14T 0 0 0 0
Pool3 949G 3.14T 0 0 0 0

Pool3 949G 3.14T 0 187 0 20.3M
Pool3 949G 3.14T 0 195 0 24.5M
Pool3 949G 3.14T 0 182 0 9.55M
Pool3 949G 3.14T 0 0 0 0
Pool3 949G 3.14T 0 0 0 0

Pool3 949G 3.14T 0 213 0 23.6M
Pool3 949G 3.14T 0 351 0 31.0M
Pool3 949G 3.14T 0 0 0 0
Pool3 949G 3.14T 0 0 0 0
Pool3 949G 3.14T 0 0 0 0

Pool3 949G 3.14T 0 175 0 18.6M
Pool3 949G 3.14T 0 265 0 33.2M
Pool3 949G 3.14T 0 123 0 2.54M
Pool3 949G 3.14T 0 0 0 0
Pool3 949G 3.14T 0 0 0 0

Pool3 949G 3.14T 0 173 0 18.6M
Pool3 949G 3.14T 0 433 0 35.7M
Pool3 949G 3.14T 0 0 0 0
Pool3 949G 3.14T 0 0 0 0
Pool3 949G 3.14T 0 0 0 0

March 27th, 2012 by ayah

VMWare vCenter shows Host has no network management redundancy

If you have this kind of message and you satisfy following conditions such as
- recently just add new network card (NIC)
- have HA configured on your data center
- already reboot your host but the message still show

Try this, right click then press Reconfigure HA on your host within the vmware vCenter.
Please wait several seconds, then the message will gone

March 18th, 2012 by ayah

Stunnel Wrong Permission

If you got wrong permission when you running stunnel, just do this

chmod 600 [cert name]

March 17th, 2012 by ayah

Ainol Elf 7 Upgrade

This guide is special for Ainol 7 Elf. I dont responsible for what happen in your device
Do it at your own risk

Before you do upgrade, please download following tools
1. Live Suite -
2. Firmware .. you can see all the list here in the forum -

Then if you are ready with all the risks, do these steps (make sure your tablet in full charged state)

1. Extract the files in LiveSuitePack_v1.07.rar, i prefer if you create new folder for the extract files

2. Double click LiveSuitePack_v1.07.exe,it will asked you administrator permissions. Then if you approve it, it will extract all the files in that exe files

3. Double Click for LiveSuite.exe files, it will asked you administrator permission again







4. Just close the dialog then click this







5. It will asked you which file OS that you want to flash

6. Then this is the most important part from this upgrade.

- Turn off your tablet and make sure your tablet not connected to your PC through USB

- Hold volume down / home button

- Plug the USB ... (still hold vol down / home button)

- Press power button 3 - 5 times

- Wait for few minutes







- Indication that you success is that there's a popup in LiveSuite window asking about whether you format or upgrade. I prefer choose upgrade because it dont delete all your files

7. Finish!!! ... It shown by empty dialog box (weird way to tell the user that the progress is success)